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Organized Parents Make A Difference

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Board Members

Greta Dzieciaszek – President

Meredith F. O’Keefe – Vice President

Eileen Burgos – Secretary 

Sherrine Edwards-Gillus – Treasurer

Shefali Grant

Keshia Francis

Ryan McBride

In 1992 a group of eight parents, who were running after-school programs in their children’s schools, met to discuss the issues they were facing. Some parents couldn’t find resources, some were concerned about the safety of the children in drop-in centers and all were frustrated by the lack of programs for elementary age children. These parents worked for one year to develop a parent-driven model and secure funding to start OPMAD, Inc. Their goal was to expand the experiences and interests of students and give them positive peer and adult role-models.

Each OPMAD programs emphasizes local decision making at the school site through the Parent, Teacher Steering Committee. Board members are community members and parents of participating OPMAD schools. OPMAD gives parents and community members access to school sites through volunteer and educational opportunities. Before and after school activities are offered in six areas:

  1. Academics
  2. Life Skills
  3. Cultural/Arts
  4. Recreation
  5. Sports
  6. Technology

The program serves grades K through 8th graders from school dismissal time to 6:00 from the first day of school in August to the last day of school in June. The summer program runs for four  weeks. Service-learning opportunities are available to help Middle School and High School students experience the rewards of volunteering in a real work setting and to earn the community service hours they need to graduate.  Programs take place at the school site. Parent education and family activities are offered throughout the year.

On-Site Coordinators


Breakthrough Magnet





Annette Santana

Ana Rodriguez

Yulissa Negron

Juliet Pabon

Theresa Thompson

Administrative Team

Executive Director

Chief Financial Officer

Program Director



Annie Sablon

Daniel Silberman

Jeanette Rivera




OPMAD, Inc. is a non-profit, parent-run organization that provides before and after school programs in K-8 schools. OPMAD strengthens ties between the schools, the family and the community to create higher expectation for academic success, community involvement and stronger families. The outcome is increased academic success for children and informed, engaged adults.

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